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shaft sinkingshaft sinking2

Shaft Sinking

Shafts are sunk in to the ground, hence the term shaft sinking. Shafts can be sunk by a variety of methods, manual or mechanical, and sometimes explosive. Shaft is the access to the tunnel to be constructed.

Shaft Build Construction, as the name implies are experts at doing both Shaft and tunnel works, supported by a strong team of engineers, supervisors and miners who had many year of experience sinking shaft and constructing tunnels. Supporting the men is a fleet of state of the art machines and equipment, from the massive jumbo drills and small crawler drills, to highly mobile and flexible concrete pumps and mini excavators.

Having been in the underground construction industry since its inception, Shaft Build is wholly suited to such jobs, with experience gained from past projects from sinking of numerous small diameter caisson shafts at Ocean Financial Centre, to huge diameter shafts at Jurong Rock Cavern.

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shotcrete application shotcrete application2   

Shotcrete Application

In today’s day and age where a lot of focus is placed on getting things done faster, shotcrete is the modern day answer to getting things done fast. Shotcrete has all the benefits of concrete with none of the drawbacks such as time spent on the installation of rebar and formwork.

Shaft Build Construction, with our huge fleet of wet and dry Putzmeister shotcrete pumps and trained teams of shotcrete specialists, is ready to meet your shotcrete needs. Our fleet also includes both Putzmeister and Meyco robotic shotcrete systems that can spray hard to reach corners and even heights up to 12m, ensuring that any surface you need covered will never be out of our reach.

We have proven our professional shotcrete capabilities to many civil engineering contractors both from the private and government sector. Working closely with government bodies such as LTA and SPPA, we have used shotcrete in many tunnelling jobs both for massive mined tunnels to small sized cross passages and even shafts as big as 40m in diameter! We have also used our shotcrete system for slope stabilization and even for patching of holes in floors and walls.

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steel system framework1steel system framework2    

Steel System Formwork

When faced with needing to cast curved surfaces, as most tunnels and shafts are, steel system formwork is most considered. Besides being able to be designed and fabricated to exacting specifications, it also has the advantage of being easy to assemble and disassemble. It is also highly mobile, compared to traditional timber formwork.

Having been in the underground construction industry for many years, Shaft Build Construction has both the expertise and experience in assembling and disassembling steel system formwork for Shaft and tunnel. Our engineers are even able to propose a design to suit your needs if necessary. Our team of formwork specialists are also well versed in this skill and are able to complete the job with minimal disruption.

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rock splitting 1rock splitting 2    

Rock Splitting

Rock splitting is done where hard rock is encountered but blasting is prohibited. In this day and age where environmental and noise pollution is a huge concern, especially in densely built up urban areas, rock splitting is the method of choice for most main contractors. Besides being quiet and with minimal to no vibrations created by the splitting, it also does not produce dust clouds, normally associated with conventional blasting.

Shaft Build Construction maximizes on the benefits of rock splitting and now has a sizeable inventory of rock splitters including the typical wedge type splitter and also piston type splitters. For demolition of huge rock surfaces Shaft Build also has the super wedge to be mounted on excavators. This ensures that Shaft Build will be able to face any type of rock without difficulty.

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natm tunnelingnatm tunneling 2    

NATM Tunnelling

In certain cases where TBMs are too expensive or impractical to use, NATM tunnelling is used to get the job done. NATM tunnelling method requires the heading to be done and supported with lattice girders and shotcrete before the benching excavation can begin. NATM tunnelling is a safe, methodical and efficient method of tunnelling that is now used worldwide in the tunnelling industry.

Shaft Build has been doing NATM tunnels as long as there has been a Shaft Build, as such we now have a dedicated and experienced team of engineers, supervisors and miners in the art of NATM tunnelling. We have done many such tunnels for LTA and SPPA, such as project C921, C918, T2123 and more. Assisting us in this endeavour is our extensive fleet of state of the art shotcrete pumps, excavators, and jumbo drills, just to name a few.

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Soil Nailing & Rock BoltingSoil Nailing & Rock Bolting 2    

Soil Nailing/Rock Bolting

Soil Nailing and Rock Bolting are methods of ground stabilisation, utilised to stabilise slopes and cliffs, shaft walls, and also in NATM tunnel construction. Long hollow rods of steel or fibreglass are inserted into the surface to be stabilised and grouted, helping to increase the stability of the surface, improving the safety and protection of the people working underneath or near the exposed surface.

Having been in the underground industry for so long, and having done numerous NATM tunnels, Shaft Build has also accumulated the expertise and experience in installing soil nails/rock bolts. Whatever ground type you are faced with, Shaft Build has experienced engineers and drillers to help get the job done, backed up with a huge inventory of augers, hammer drills and coring machines.

Grouting of the soil nails/rock bolts can also be done by us as we have done so for many projects, such as EW1, Jurong Rock Cavern and C937. Shaft Build also has a huge selection of grouting pumps, such as the Putzmeister MP25 and S5EV and the JP70 of Wen Zhou Engineering.

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Caisson Pile    

Caisson Pile


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